Sustainable Tech Solutions of the future

We are developers, designers, pioneers, software engineers & architects; which are passionate about their craft. Developing software solutions that last in a sustainable fashion.

Our systems are battle-tested, flexible, developer friendly and above all viable and usable in the long run.

Partners & Clients

From startups to large corporations our partners and clients are a vital part of our success. We are proud to be working with them and we are always looking for new partners and clients.

Across any industry, we provide our clients with the best support, communication, services and solutions. We listen before anything else and we are always ready to help.

GS Technologies

What we Offer

A reliable and efficient way to scale and manage your business


Spend more time focusing on your business and let our services and systems unburden you.


Reduce your costs and improve your productivity with our lightning fast, scalable and lightweight solutions.

System Design

"Less is more". We build maintainable systems that are intuitive and easy to use.

Privacy & Security

Security first. We use the best security practices and standards to protect you and your data.


We are always open to discussing new ideas and opportunities. Let us know what you think and we will try to make it happen.


Data replication, disaster recovery, service failover, error handling; Just a few of the things we handle to ensure the best uptime.


Use our global scalling cloud infra; your own on-premise servers or a hybrid architecture. We fit all.


'Observability, metrics and alerts. We're always on top of any incident and ready to react.'

More to come